Thanks, Chicago

Not once, but twice today I missed being hit by a car by less than a foot. The second time this evening, the guy just didn't see me in the crosswalk. Despite the fact that I had a "walk" signal, I kind of understand: it was dark, a car had gone in front of him, etc etc. I would have appreciated some kind of acknowledgment that a pedestrian had been there, but, whatever.

The first today bothered me. It was around noon on a busy street. I had the right of way, cars were stopped at the intersection, the whole nine yards. However, the truck (pickup, not semi) half a block back decided that they were going to run the light, and, well, there was only one open spot there at the line. This person and I even made eye contact before I jumped out of the way. Good thing I moved, as he certainly didn't change course.

To make matters worse, he then locked up his brakes to avoid the cross traffic, leaving the truck sitting across the crosswalk that I was standing on. Argh.


Fuck you, random driver.

Knee update 4

Good news! The doctor said that my range of motion is really good in my right knee, almost what it is on the left. Given that, he's not recommending physical therapy for another two weeks, because I'll just need strength therapy, and that isn't normally done for a month after someone gets out of the brace.

On flat surfaces, I'm pretty much back to normal. I can't squat or do anything else that puts a lot of strain on the right knee, and stairs are out, but otherwise I'm doing what I normally would.

Knee update 3

I realized that people are asking me about the knee, so I should post something. I'm out of the brace, walking around ~normally. I still can't put much pressure on it (no running, careful with stairs, no squatting, etc), but it's pretty livable at this point.

Tomorrow (Monday) I see the doctor for more xrays. If everything still looks good, I start physical therapy soon there after.

New Mexico, it's been fun

So, some of you know that I've been looking for a job in Chicago. If not, now you do :)

I've accepted a job with Backstop Solutions Group as a Senior System Admin. I'm really excited about it, though moving to Chicago is a little daunting (ok, the winter is daunting. atomic_umber suggests "scary", not daunting, for this. Not for the move in general). Everything's going to happen kind of fast, because my start date there is September 28th. I would have posted this last week, but I've been in Chicago helping atomic_umber get ready for her trip to Kenya since last Saturday.

So, who wants to hang out in Albuquerque the week before that? I'm going to fly out Saturday or Sunday (the 26th or 27th), not sure yet. Movers will come pick up my stuff the week before that. I'm leaving my car in New Mexico for a while while I figure out what I'm doing with it (namely, sell or take with, leaning towards sell). If you're further north and want to do something, well, let me know about that too.

I'm sure I've forgotten something here. It's late, and we're frantically doing last minute stuff :)

Due to the work situation and my family, I'm sure I'll be back at least every 3 months, probably more so. During those times I'll try to be more prompt about posting something so I can see my friends.

knee update 2

I'm still in the knee immobilizer. The first week of September I have an appointment with the doctor to get another set of xrays. If everything looks good there, I can take it off, and I'll start physical therapy. Evidently I've got an average of 6 weeks of that to look forward to, twice a week for an hour each. Great. Could be worse.

I can wear some of my pants over the thing, which is both good and bad. Good, because I look a little less like a slacker at work. Bad, because then people assume I just walk funny instead of having some problem. On the bus in Chicago, that corresponded to people giving me dirty looks about my outstretched leg. Hmm.

Also, what vehicles I fit in the front seat of:

Chevy Cobalt
Chevy Aveo
Ford Fusion
Hyundai Sonata
sacra_imbri's '97 Honda Civic
Saab 9-2 (9-3?)
Ford Escape
irishmasms' 90s Honda Accord
No Fn Way
my mom's Subaru Impreza (2007)
my Subaru WRX (2003)
Toyota Prius

WTF, I say.


DNS help?

Someone out there has to be able to figure this one out...

At home, I do this:

$ for i in a b c d e f g h i j k l m ; do dig clanspum.net @$i.gtld-servers.net +short ; done

The correct IP is The zone for that domain looks like this (abridged, let me know if you need the whole thing):

$TTL 3h
clanspum.net. IN SOA u15354709.onlinehome-server.com. dnsmaster.clanspum.net. (
        2009080800      ; Serial
        3600            ; refresh time
        1h                      ; retry time
        2w                      ; expire time
        1h )            ; "negative caching" TTL (from Oreilly)

clanspum.net. IN NS u15354709.onlinehome-server.com.
clanspum.net. IN NS puck.nether.net.
ipv6-ep                   IN AAAA 2001:470:1f10:1b9::2
ipv6                   IN AAAA 2001:470:c083:1::1
clanspum.net.                   IN AAAA 2001:470:c083:1::1
clanspum.net.                   IN A
ns                                  IN A
ns                                  IN AAAA 2001:470:c083:1::1
mail                                    IN A
mail                                    IN AAAA 2001:470:c083:1::1
clanspum.net.           IN MX   10 mail.clanspum.net.

fusiongyro paid for a DNSstuff check, and it came up all green. So... WTF? Anyone? It's been weeks since the change took place (though I evidently changed the zone last on the 8th), so I don't think the problem is "propagation delay".

[Edit] This isn't just from my DSL connection, it seems to be everywhere.

[Edit 2] I talked to the registrar/hosting company, on the suggestion of a coworker. They're handing out the wrong glue with the domain name, so they should be able to fix it. The guy I talked to wasn't sure what the problem was, but it's being escalated to their hostmaster. Assume that's a good thing :)


Knee update

Saw the doctor today. Good news: it's fractured, but not broken through. If I can go easy on it for the next six weeks, I won't need surgery. With my knee in a brace, I can walk (well, limp) on it without the crutches.

Bad news: six weeks without bending my knee at all. That means no driving. I can limp to the bus to get to work though. As well, I go to the doctor every week for the next month, and get xrayed to make sure everything is going well. Sounds fun, right?

It's still better than it was.

Because I was having such a good week already.

Today I tripped on something and fell into some rocks (large gravel, ~baseball sized), knee first. It hurt a lot. More than it should to just skin your knee. Lucky for me atomic_umber was there to strongly suggest going to the doctor. After the drive up to Los Alamos (she drove, I clutched some ice to my knee in pain), I believed her.

A few xrays and whatnot later, it turns out I fractured my right kneecap. This would explain the extra pain and inability to put weight on it. They gave me a Lortab to help with the pain, wrapped it, sold me some crutches and told me to go talk to a doctor on Monday (in the morning). Argh.

Odds are good it'll go like this: get a knee immobilizer, hobble around for 6-8 weeks, physical therapy after that to get it back in shape. If I'm really unlucky, instead they open my knee up and wire it back together, then all that stuff. Yay?

On the upside, I suspect that I'll get some more stuff done on the clan machine, what with all the time I'll have off of work :) (they told me I can't go in this week, narcotics and such). Yay?
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