Bill Weiss (houdini_cs) wrote,
Bill Weiss

SWA in-flight wifi

So, I'm flying from NM to IL as I type this, using the Southwest onboard wifi. It cost $10.

First of all, a couple of links: the flyer, and a speed test. Latency is a bitch.

It's usable. That ~1s ping time makes SSH kind of painful. They also put a ~1" (on my 13" MacBook screen) banner across the top of every webpage you go to, which worries me. *checks* Ok, it's just HTTP. I was worried they would be proxying SSL.

Would this be usable for VPN? Doubtful. But for checking my email and dicking around on IRC? Ok.

Also, the 6:45 AM flight? Not a great idea, but it kept me from dealing with huge crowds in the airport. I'll get home at a relatively reasonable time too.

[Edit] I could do without censoring content though. I can't load images (and just images) from Sexy Losers. Yes, it's adult material. There isn't even a "blocked site" warning, they just don't come up. It gives me "http(:)//" (link broken so LJ doesn't eat it). It would be nice if they set some headers so that it wouldn't be locally cached.
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